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Congratulations to the People of Barbados

2 December 2021

The Small Axe Project salutes the people of Barbados on the important political step it has taken (30 November 2021), removing the queen as head of state, and assuming the identity of a republic. There is much more to be done. We hope that other anglophone Caribbean nation-states will follow suit. And we hope that this is but the beginning of a renewed conversation in the region about the relation between the colonial past and the postcolonial present, between dependence and sovereignty.

David Scott

Aaron Kamugisha to present keynote address at 9th Annual Critical Caribbean Symposium

17 November 2021
Poster 9th Annual Critical Caribbean Symposium: Celebrating the Cultural and Intellectual Legacy of Sylvia Wynter

Small Axe editorial committee member Aaron Kamugisha will deliver the keynote address at the University of the Bahama's 9th Annual Critical Caribbean Symposium: Celebrating the Cultural and Intellectual Legacy of Sylvia Wynter.

The symposium will also include presentations by previous Small Axe contributors Rinaldo Walcott (sx57) and Tonya Haynes (sx49).

Date: Friday, November 19th
Time: 10am-1:30pm EDT
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The Crisis of Haitians at the US-Mexico Border

24 September 2021

We in the Small Axe Project deplore in the strongest moral terms the slave-era-like treatment of Haitians trying to cross the border into the United States from Mexico. Ordinary men, women, and children fleeing political instability, economic misery, and quasi-natural catastrophes ought never to be treated as though there were "No Humans Involved" (as Sylvia Wynter might have said). There is a history here in which the dark hand of the United States is deeply implicated, and therefore responsible.

David Scott 

Rest In Peace Charles W. Mills (1951-2021)

21 September 2021

We are shocked and saddened to learn of the passing of Charles W. Mills (1951-2021). Mills passed away on the evening of Monday 20 September. Our condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues. A distinguished professor at the CUNY Graduate Center, Mills was a philosopher of wide-ranging interests who was perhaps best known for his critique of the white supremacist sources and character of liberalism and the disavowal of race in academic philosophy. He will be missed by many.

sx65 is now available!

20 September 2021
sx65 cover

sx65 presents essays by Nadège Veldwachter, Mark Harris, César Colón-Montijo, Sarah Margarita Quesada and Lomarsh Roopnarine. Antonio López guest-edits the special section, "On Nancy Morejón’s Nación y Mestizaje en Nicolás Guillén" which includes essays by Devyn Spence Benson, Odette Casamayor, Aisha Z.